****Why I Like Captain John Smith


An adventurer, discoverer, writer, and the best founding father of this country.

Captain John Smith risked his life, his reputation and property to establish a colony in America. He contributed a great deal to the creation and survival of the English Colony in America which is the birthplace of the United States.

It is great to have someone with such good character as Smith as a founder of this great country.

Traits Of Character of Founding Fathers (Page XIV The Spirit of “Seventy Six” 2002 )

The authors of The Spirit of “Seventy Six” list traits they identify with the founding fathers of America such as ” he is independent, he is impatient of discipline, equalitarian,has little patience with those who claim to be his superior,is ambitious and avaricious, and much given to speculation an getting ahead. He is literate, takes an active part in politics and carries into camp the habits of self-government. He does not like fighting for it’s own sake, but fights well when he as to; he has little use of military hierarchy and bucks like a colt against taking orders. He is ingenious and practical, prefers a stone wall to an open field, and a timely retreat to a foolhardy advance. He is young and tough and survives hardships and diseases that would wipe out his more vulnerable descendents; he live simply and unaffectedly. He is on the whole cheerful and good humored, decent and honest, and commits few crimes against persons (unless they are Indians) .

How Captain John Smith is alike and how he differs from the other Forefathers

I identify all of these good traits above in Captain John Smith, But John Smith has exceptionally outstanding traits not exhibited by other American Forefathers. Smith was fair with the Indians and committed no crimes against them. Smith hated slavery and would never have stood for it. Smith was not avaricious (will do anything for money) but exhibited the most kindness in every way. When he was awarded a giant amount of money from a case of false accusation, Smith donated this to the colony. That Smith bucked the system when he received poor orders is a certainty. He wrote back to the investors of the London company that there was no Gold, that more laborers were needed, etc. The investors who were trying to sell the stock did not want to hear this. The London Company investors would eventually act and follow all of Smith’s recommendations.

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