Captain John Smith survived many near death experiences.

Captain John Smith ecaped death
during the years 1607-1609 when part of the Jamestown Colony
All these occurrences happened during a 2 1/2 year period 

 These are only a few near death experiences endured by Smith .

There are many more which I hope to add in the future. 



During the long 4 month voyage over to Jamestown aboard the crowded ship
Susan Constant”   the following ocurred ……

aboard the “Susan Constant” a pompous aristocrat Wingfield accused Smith of “concealing a munity”
He was likely angered because the attention popular Captain John Smith was getting on the voyage over.
after a bit of devious scrutiny

when stopped at the island of Nevis, he had a gallows erected for Smith,
but  Smith explained  ”I could not be persuaded to use it”

A few months later Wingfiield was put on trial and removed as elected President at Jamestown
He was also found guilty of making false charge against Smith, He was ordered to pay Smith 200 pounds**



 The ambush at the Jamestown glass-house beach
Smtih was walking all alone on a beach path one day
an Indian  Chief  named Wochinchopunck, comparatively huge, .. came his way
as they neared one another, the Chief  placed an arrow in his bow
and he aimed it at Smith ….
Smith rushed the Chief, grabbed the bow twisting it out of his hand
the Chief then pulled Smith into the water attempting to drown him.
But Smith got the big Chief in a headlock and drew his big  Turkish simitar which he came to appreciawhen fighting the Turks some 6 years earlier.
The Chief began whimpering and begged for his life
Captain Smith spared the Chief’s life’.


How  Stingray Point in the Chesapeake Bay got it’s name

When exploring and mapping the Chesapeake bay
Smith waded in the shallow water. Smith was stung by a sting ray.

The barb in the ray’s lashing tail pierced his arm. Smith got so very sick, thinking  he would not survive this …his men dug him a grave. But a doctor applied heat to the wound and by this Smith was saved.

Feeling better that evening, he ate the stingray for supper that night.
When he drew up his map,… he marked the spot on his map where he almost met death  “Stingray Point”

That is the name of that point in the Bay today.


 Captain John Smith goes off like a Roman candle 

When asleep aboard a boat one night, Smiht’s  gunpowder bag about his waist did ignite
The flames were burning furiously,  “he is on fire his men cried ”
yes..water would save him … so he jumped over the side

 …this happened to Smith when he was President in 1609
suspects are some who were always bickering & wastng time
some say it was them that that set him aflame
yet  we find Smith in his writing never assigned any blame

Sailing back to England  he was in agony from his burn
his wound would  heal…… and  he would return
(But not to Jamestown )!
Four years later he’s exploring again
he mapped the northern part of this new world and named it “New England“.


Two near death experiences- 1st Smith is captured  but spared while the men with him are killed
and weeks later warriors upon the orders of the great Chief Powhatan prepare to beat out his brains
but Captain John Smith is saved from death by Pocahontas
  Saved by Pocahontas
As many Indians as can lay hands on him,  grabbed  him,
put his head on large stones
and “others came out with clubs to crack his skull and break his bones
indians capture smith
This event started several weeks earlier , first week in December 1607.
Smith wasexploring up the winding Chickahominy River about 50 miles or so
when 200 Indian warrriors ambushed  Smith and shot arrows at him.
Smith using his Indian guide as a shield,  he returned fire. He was
surrounded, and  wounded  in his leg.
Mired in the swamps cold mud,  about him the warriors began to surround
with no recourse nor hope to escape,  he laid his weapons  down
captive,  and at their mercies, ….what can he do?
He was taken before the leader Chief Opchanacanough to whom  he  gave his compass.
Tto test Smith’s bravery, Smith was tied to a tree.
if Smith screamed when threatened with this death  
arrows were notched in the bows and aimed at Smith
if Smith screamed they would surely kill him.
But brave Smith did not scream and passed the Indian’s test.
Smith was paraded through a dozen villages for  weeks.
He then was taken to the big chief’s village called Werowocomoco
 Smith being saved by Pocahontas
First cleaned and then fed,  Smith was beginning to feel fine
But suddenly with out warning he was grabbed by as many as could lay hands on him
and forced rostrate on huge stones
other came out with clubs to break his bones.
Then suddenly a beautiful your Indian girl called Pocahontas, a princess of 11
appeared at Smith’s side as  if an angel from  heaven.
She cradled  his head in her arms before the warriors struck.
She pleaded for his life to her father, the great Chief, called Powhatan
Smith at the very last moment received the King’s quarter
Powhatan had granted Smith’s life out of regard for his daughter
You can believe this story, it is absolutely true
if you read Smith’s writings enough to know him, you will know it is true too.
Smith escaped death six other times from Indian attacks. during his 2 1/2 years at Jamestown
(not yet put in rhyme but coming in the future), They are :
….Smith saves his men and himself when ambushed and surrounded by 600-700  armed  warriors
….Smith and his exploreers were attacked multiple times when exploring the Chesapeake Bay
1st by the feared Massawomeke Indians, then Rappahannock Indians twice,  then by the Hasinnigas Indians , then a Nansemond Indian ambush.
….Smith and his men were poisoned when invited to supper by a nearyby Indian tribe 
There is more…
….Smith’s arch enemy and troublemaker Ratcliff,  when president of the council,  (mouthpiece for Archer,  Ratcliff’s cohort troublemaker), accuses Smith of  being responsible for the loss of some men when he was ambushed  by Indians on the Chickahominy expidition. Smith was put under arrest and scheduled to be hanged the next day.  
…. Smith is aboard ship in a cabin terribly burned  from his accident. In comes a couple of the individuals that were primary trouble makers at Jamestown with pistols to kill Smith. 
If you wish read Smith’s adventures in his own words, it is best to to purchase Smith’s  illuistrated autobiography …
you can find it online
follow this link, it will save you some time
Captain John Smith’s writings  in his own words

 good luck and happy reading .

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