Best Williamsburg Private Ghost Lantern Tour – by John Sutton


a Williamsburg Virginia Private Ghost Lantern Tour for all ages

True stories, fun, entertaining

Williamsburg Private Ghost Lantern Tour

Private Ghost tour:

A private walking tour (with your own tour guide) for you, your group or family.

You will not have other persons in your group that you do not know.

Option #2: Call another company and take their tour with 50+ other persons.

What do you do?

Hear stories of real ghost encounters of your guide, of residents, and true story of pirates and a witch trial in Williamsburg + much more.

Where does the tour start?

Starting at a location in historic Colonial Williamsburg – you will be sent a location map with nearby parking information.

When does it start:

When does it start?

After dark usually – you request your desired start time.

How Long is the tour?

1.5 hour duration.

What did other people say about this tour:

What did other people say?

“They say it is the best”.

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What ages:

What ages?

It is fun for all ages.

What is the cost:

How much does it cost?

The private 1 hr. tour cost $95 and includes up to 8 persons

(additional persons are $15 each).

Price for eight persons? $95 total.
Price for two persons? $126 total.

 How do I pay?

Please pay in cash at the conclusion of the tour.

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