New evidence of earliest occupation of humans in North America

New evidence of  very early occupation of  North America by who …………………….Europeans.

Yes, that is right. Previously, all evidence pointed to occupation by Asians through Siberia approximately 12,000 years ago.

But holy smokes, new archaeology in Virginia and other locations on the East Coast and new DNA evidence have revealed evidence that there was European occupation 18,000-22,000 years ago.

It very well could be even earlier evidence found in the future.

I personally visited a site called Cactus Hill here in Virginia early on with a professional photographer.  I was his helicopter pilot.  The site was in a swamp.   Evidence is based upon a spear point found in Virginia which was similar to ones found in southwest Europe.

The evidence that scientists have sized upon that indicates European occupation is called the Solutrean hypothesis.  


Solutreans Are Indigenous American’s – video 


I am going to list below links to  some information about Cactus Hill and a continental shelf find 40 miles off Virginia’s present coast line.

Cactus Hill Information

Information about evidence of early Americans found on the continental shelf  


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