Yorktown Private Tour

Yorktown battlefield

The cannons roar and the muskets report in your imagination.

Visit the Yorktown Victory Center with you private tour guide.  It was at Yorktown where British General Cornwallis surrendered his army to General George Washington.

If your time is short and you wish the history of the battle summarized  into a visit of just a few hours, I can be of assistance.  I offer a  private guided tour to families and groups that wish to obtain a quick concentrated overview to this important battle. Guests will  hear the story of  the canon balls in the home of the Virginia Governor who suggested that  his own house be shelled to rout the British possibly occupying it.   You will hear the most patriotic words of one who loved America, who loved George Washington and who in turn George Washington called “his son”,  General Marquis de Lafayette.  


Taking redoubt #10

Join me for the history of Yorktown VA related at your level of interest.


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